Bele Holige/Obbattu/Pooran Poli

Holige is a popular dish made during festivals. It contains 2 parts the stuffing
part called HOORANA and the outer cover called KANAKA(dough). Bele holige is one of my favorite sweet.

Ingredients for making Hoorana:

Chana dal/ Kadle bele/chickpea lentils ¼ cup
Toor dal/ Togari bele/pigeon pea lentils ¾ cup
Jaggery 2 cups
Grated Coconut ¼ cup


1. Soak Chana dal and Toor dal for 1-2 hrs.

2. Cook chana dal in water for few minutes in medium heat till the chana dal

get cooked. Do not over cook. Drain the water and keep aside.

3. Cook toor dal in water for few minutes in medium heat till it gets cooked.

Do not over cook. Drain the water and keep aside.

Note: cook toor and chana dal separately.

4. Take very little water in a vessel and melt the jaggery. OR just make the

powder of jaggery instead of melting.

5. Now in a blender add cooked chana dal and crush it. Add toor dal and

grated coconut crush it. Add melted jaggery or powdered jaggery and
cardmom powder. Blend it without adding water (add very little water
if u need) till u get smooth but stiff paste.

6. Pour the paste in to a non stick pan and cook for few minutes to make

it stiff.

7. Let it cool and make small lemon size balls.

Note: If you add too much water then it will be difficult to make balls.

So try to make it without adding water.

Ingredients to make Kanaka:

Maida/All purpose flour 2 cups
Turmeric ¼ tsp


1. Mix maida , salt and turmeric. Add water little by little and start

kneading maida till maida becomes single hard mass.

2. Now start adding oil. Pour 2 tsp oil each time and knead the dough

till you get a very soft consistency. More oil is required to make smooth

3. Cover the dough and rest it for 4-5 hrs. OR keep it in refrigerator for

30 mins.

4. Make small lemon size balls out of dough.


1. Take a polythene sheet and apply oil. Keep one maida ball (KANAKA/COVER)

on the sheet and flatten it, place the HOORANA(STUFFING) at the center of it
and cover the hoorana completely.

2. Press the ball (KANAKA+ HOORANA) and start tapping with the fingers

to spread it like chapati(use oil). OR just roll it with rolling pin.

3.Place it on hot tava, apply ghee and cook on both the side.

Serve holige with ghee.


  1. Perfect and tempting Keep rocking

  2. Hi Mamatha. All ur recipes are very good n way u have organized them is best. Liked ur blog so much.