Godhi Unde/Wheat flour laddu


Wheat flour/Godhi hittu 1 cup
Powdered Sugar ½ - ¾ cup
Ghee ½ - 1 cup
Raisins ¼ cup


1. Heat a spoon of ghee in frying pan, add wheat flour and
fry till you get nice aroma. Switch off the stove.

2. Transfer it to a large bowl. Add sugar powder and mix


3. Add ghee, mix well and start making balls when it is warm. [After cooling it is difficult to make balls/laddus]

4. Take this mixture along with one or two raisins in your

palm, hold it tight and roll it with fingers and hold
tightly. Keep doing this till you get a round ball. Make
balls of same size.

5. Godhi unde/Wheat flour laddus are very soft and

tasty. One of my favorites too.

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